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Virtual Tour of THE GREEN HOUSE® Homes in East Greenwich 

THE GREEN HOUSE® model of nursing home care focuses on supporting elders by providing:

     A Real home                    
    Meaningful life                      
    Empowered staff

Each home has 12 private bedrooms with private bathrooms and showers. The home has been built to provide space for both privacy and community. The bedrooms encircle the shared space which includes a dining room, kitchen and hearth room. These homes have all the amenities that make them real homes, complimented by the features of a state of the art nursing home.

THE GREEN HOUSE® Homes at Saint Elizabeth Home employ a new model of caregiving.
Certified Nursing Assistants receive 120 additional hours of training which includes: 
   Food preparation                    
   Laundry and housekeeping                     
   The basis functions of the home

Cross trained CNAs are called Shahbaz in this model of care, and they work to support the needs of the elders. Organized into self-directed work teams, the Shabazim encourage residents to make their own decisions to the best of their ability and to manage the wellbeing of the residents. They share life with the residents in THE GREEN HOUSE® Homes.

Application for THE GREEN HOUSE® Homes at Saint Elizabeth Home


The Green House ProjectHistory

The first GREEN HOUSE Home opened in 2003 in Tupelo, Mississippi. Since then THE GREEN HOUSE® Project has opened over 200 homes in 30 states and currently have 150 homes in development. Saint Elizabeth Community is proud to introduce this concept of long term care to Rhode Island.


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